Spokeswoman of the Triad: Then, in the middle of the reign of the two brothers, the Lord Biochemical, a researcher named Dorpanna uncovered a chaos cube from a harsher time. It continaed plagues, which, when released, reduced the population to a tenth of what it was. That was eight thousand fifty-seven years ago. Then... . Vicki: Whoa. That history is incredibly complicated...Vicki: ...Maybe more so than the history of the real world...which is a little frightening. She made a fantasy world more complex than reality...? Hey, what's this...'Hatrid' doing now? Triad: Shrinking, concentrating his great power to pierce the skysphere...and bring an end to the 'complex history' you so admire. The Skysphere is really made up of trillions of spheroids in orbit....so he creates a magnetic field to move them apart.

Triad: All is Lost. It's the beginning of the end...the last vision we've seen. Vicki: Good. Now maybe she'll wake up.Triad: I wish I could share your delusion...I wish I didn't know this was the end of al... Vicki: It's nothing. This is not real. I know you can't believe that....

Click on the eye in the first panel to return to the "half-world" where Vicki currently is.



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