Spokeswoman for the Triad: Even my existence depends on Athea and its sun...and he's about to snuff it out. Vicki: It's not real. Triad: It's the only reality I've ever known..Hatrid: Too swift. Too...merciful. Triad: I can't bear to watch... Vicki: Relax. It looks like the Big Kahuna is having second thoughts. He's staring at that planet....

Vicki: Now he's letting go of the sun...shrinking further...heading towards Athea... Triad:  To take it to a more personal level, no doubt.  Vicki: *Sigh* Whatever he's doing, I wish he'd hurry up. The sooner Athea is 'destroyed', the sooner the boss will wake up.Triad: You're so sure you're real...and we're not...but suppose you're right...suppose we are all figments in some person's...fantasy. What of you? Aren't you created by that person? Aren't  you a product of her mind...her imagination? You're as real as we are. No more. No less.
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