Mindmistress: Horollo, you're the medical expert, not I.  Horollo: I know, but I wanted you to be aware of this....that even if we defeat Hatrid, it may be the end of Athea...thousands, like this poor lady, are succumbing to it daily.Or this poor man...as daily life gets more unendurable...as fears mount...the temptation to give in to a fantasy world grows stronger, as I told you before....and since nehohuman minds---and their imaginations---are so strong...we can't snap them out of it.

Horollo: With Hatrid almost snuffing out the sun...heading towards us...millions are lapsing into these trances....and there is no known way to wake them up. Mindmistress: No one has ever snapped out of it? Horollo: Very few...and of their own accord.Mindmistress: Then I need to speak with someone who's recovered...to see how they did it. Horollo: Will do. Mindmistress: MEanwhile..Therthes, Panet...any questions on your mission? The plan clear? Crystal. Good luck...Sophia. We'll need it.

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