Therthes: What news? Mindmistress: All bad. Hatrid's crossed the moon's orbit, and has almost reached us...Horollo was right. People are 'escaping' into the 'fantasy plague' by the millions to escape a fearful reality. If we can't give them a reason to hope, those stuck in trances will outnumber the conscious....Mindmistress: That's why your mission has to succeed... Therthes: Using this old near-light-speed craft is near suidal in the Skysphere---but we're almost out. Next stop--Zeammon.

If he's still in Hatrid's coils---if Hatrid divided himself---then that 'bomb' you rigged will pierce both their magnetic-bottle 'skins'....  Mindmistress: Therthes....Therthes: Hatrid's uncontrolled raw power wll flow into Zeammon. If only he can contain and control that much might...if he can't, it'll be half a supernova. Mindmistress: Therthes, I know.  This is my plan, remember?
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