Mindmistress: Okay. You're one of the few who snapped themselves out of the 'fantasy plague'...one simple question---how?  Shaocles: Well, it's like this...Shaocles: I lost my lover---so I imagined a world where we could be happy---with a few other power fantasies thrown in--- Mindmistress: Yes. But how did you wake up? Shaocles: Inconsistencies.

Mindmistress: Inconsicstencies? Yes. I created a whole new world---history--cultures--languages--individuals---but then, one minor detail didn't fit. Then it began to unravel---I couldn't let that inconsistency go.Once I realized that---I knew it was too good to be true---and I forced myself to wake up.  Mindmistress: Hmmm. I wonder if these inconsitencies were planted by  your subconscious---that realized you'd die---unless you woke up. Maybe. Or maybe I just have a poor imagination---for a neohuman.
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