Triad: No, not the Gardens of Living Light... Vicki: What's the big deal? Just statues---or are they robots? Triad: Both. Imagine the greatest sculptures of your world--- Vicki: Michaelangelo's David. The Venus De Milo--- Triad: Now imagine them able to move---act out dramas. Now imagine them about to be melted down.Vicki: Yeah. I see what you mean--- Triad: This is just the beginning---he'll strip from us every treasure---every work of art---everything that makes life worth living---and then he'll snuff us out---but we'll really be already dead---to all that matters.

Triad: Centuries of artists' lifetimes---the pinnacle of art--metled to a slag of lava and ash---Triad: Now the Great Library of Atheandria---the oldest books and tomes known---gone. We have to do something. But can I trust you---if I take you with me?  Vicki: Could I make things worse?  Triad: Point.

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