Triad: He's getting close to the atmosphere... Vicki: He doesn't exist. Triad: And you do. A strange delusion for an artificial intelligence to have...Vicki: You are all figments of Sophia's imagination... Triad: ---And of course, all the reality we know is in her imagination. Does that make her a goddess? Vicki: No. The longer she's trapped in this fantasy, the more danger she's in...she'll die!  Triad: Riiiight. Makes perfect sense.

Triad: Look, he descends into the atmosphere like a bather into a pool---and casually splits the skyhook. The second greatest engineering work we have...second only to the Skysphere. Vicki: Too bad...I guess.Triad: Now he descends in the clouds---and when he emerges---they'll be at his mercy. Vicki: Fantasy or not--I bet the boss has some plan--some trick in mind--- Triad: It better bea good one.

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