Magistrate Lonos: Heyyyyy....that storm came up quickly.... Mindmistress: That's no storm, Lonos. That's my father.Lonos: Th-the Lord Forceful? Himself?  An....honor, I'm sure.... Mindmistress: Don't be afraid, Lonos.  True, he gave up his humanity to become a new form of 'magnetic-bottle' being....regulating and controlling all the energy of Athea and the Skysphere...true, he contains enough energy to boil the oceans, and controls more power than any being ever has before....but to me, he's father. Who I wish I could still...touch.

Lord Forceful: Sophia.  Good to see you.  Mindmistress: Wow. Nice entrance, Daddy.  Impressive.  To what do I owe the....rare...pleasure?Lord Forceful: Daughter...I've missed you. I miss the human experience... Mindmistress: I imagine being the most powerful being on Athea is some compensation.... Lord Forceful: Cynical. Mindmistress: Typical. See you in the Council tomorrow evening...and yes, I will porbably vote with you...which is all you wanted, right?

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