Guardsman: Milady? Don't you want to go in? Mindmistress: In a minute, Guardsman....the sun has set...and I want to see the night sky in all its glory.  Guardsman: Oh, that's was your great-grandfather who designed the Skysphere, correct?Mindmistress: Yes. He had the giant planets in the solar system 'dismantled' into a Dyson sphere---to capture all the sun's was my great-grandmother who talked him out of 'dismantling' this world too. An ecologist and archeologist, she thought Athea was too precious to be 'dismantled'.

Mindmistress: She also asked that he convert the materials into one-way mirrorlike material--so all the sunlight was captured by the skysphere---but all the starlight comes though---even more scattered and glorious--like a prism.Mindmistress (Caption): The immense power we command...the power my father a legacy of my great-grandfather's project...but we would be liviing in space, now, if my great-grandmother hadn't insisted on sparing this fairest of worlds...

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