This page is dedicated to covering devices that Mindmistress has developed and used in stories--- that are not covered elsewhere. Thus, since her suit, staff, and Vicki are covered in "Everything You Wanted to know about Mindmistress *But Were Afraid to Ask" I won't cover those here. Since her vehicles and transporation are covered in TRANSPORATION, I won't cover it here, either.

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BATTLESUIT: A sort of second-generation, Mark II version of the armor she wears now. Made to be used under nuclear war conditions---with twice the strength and nearly twice the speed of the current armor she wears, a filter to keep out mind-manipulations, and other improvements. Much bulkier than her current armor, though.

Mindmistress: I can cure you. Wrath: What? Mindmistress: A small dose of this potion--will quiet that fury--restore your empathy.  Restoring cerebral biochemical balance-- but it must be your choice. THE CURE---a bottle that will, from any organic liquid, create a cure for antisocial behavior, restore empathy and balance to the most unbalanced or paranoid mind. For ethical reasons, MM will only give this to those who request it. A person only has to take a dose once a day, and they slowly become normal in outlook, not sociopathic or homicidal. They can nevertheless defend themselves or others, just as most of us can. They just get a sense of empathy restored, and irrational anger removed. She has called it her "second greatest discovery", after the Osiristor.

THE EMPATHCORDER: MM uses this to record emotions to "play back" later---to record the actual feelings she or others are feeling at the time. At a heightened setting, it can not only record but erase the particular feeling it's recording from a person.

THE INFINITY URN: That's Mindmistress' entrance to a sort of pocket reality where her more dangerous creations are kept. Like Dr. Who's Tardis, the inside is much larger than the outside. It's a gateway to her headquarters, her laboratory, and her Fortress of Solitude. Originally anyone who stuck their arms or whatever into the urn would be transported, but since Anansi's break-in now it will only respond to MM's DNA.

THE LIFELOOM: That's Mindmistress' name for a genetic manipulation device. Like a loom weaves wool or cotton into clothing or tapestries, it "weaves" the genetic structure of living beings in a way that suits MM's purposes. It will analyze the genome of a living form, and will suggest changes to it according to the directions MM gives it. With it, in a manner of hours, a living being can be prompted to reproduce genetically-altered beings who reflect the traits that MM instructed it to use.

It is not necessary for her to know the location and function of every gene in the chromosones of the animal, the "lifeloom" does that automatically. MM only has to give it direction---tell it that she wants, say, a cat with wings, and if a kitten can be submitted (it won't be harmed in the slightest) a genetic blueprint for a winged cat would be made, approved, and such a lifeform would be developed.

MERLIN MECHANISM: Not a device MM developed, but an important one nevertheless...a mystic "battery" made to test, amplify, and store mystical forces. Built along the lines of the "three laws of magic", it incorporates Dr. Dee's long lost angelical stone with a statue of a greek muse and a statue of an Indian naga, as well as other mystical devices, all made to amplify each other and store other mystical forces. Even MM does not fully understand it, but she's working on it.

THE METAMOTHER: A successor to the lifeloom, a genetically-engineered animal made to create---sans a male---other genetically-engineered animals. Responsive to music whistled by MM, used to "program" it for the type of child MM desires to produce.

Caption: We interrupt this flashback... Vicki: Okay...what is that..thing? Mindmistress: So far...my most ambitious achievement. Vicki: What's it do? Mindmistress: It recreates negative entropy bio-processes. Vicki: English, please. Mindmistress: It raises the dead. OSIRISTOR: MM's greatest achievement, it can recreate negative entropy processes in the state it had a few hours before it was dispersed. Since life is a temporary negative entropy process, that means she can bring back the dead as they were a few hours before they died. For various societal reasons, uses very sparingly.
PSYCHOACTIVE SHEET: A flat sheet, an intelligent A.I. (although not in Vicki's class) who can absorb the memories of anyone who touches it. A mobile "spyder" which sprays a version of that sheet over a victim's face can extend its grasp.

Mindmistress: Here...let me turn it on. The hoop becomes... Percy: A mirror? Mindmistress: No. It's a curved space-loop that returns anything that travels through space...back to where it came from. Even light. THE SPACE-LOOP SHIELD. A multi-dimensional Klein Bottle, it returns anything that falls on it back the way it came...even light. Every force that propogates through space will be affected, even forces in other dimensions, that follows other laws---forces some might call mystic. When turned on, it looks like a giant mirror.

Lucky Man (caption): I managed to sneak into his room...hiding in a closet--looking for his secret.  He took off his shirt and revealed a mandala tattoo--that...changed...colors...repeatedly. SYNCHRONISTAR--a ultra-thin device, a printed circuit on a flexible membrane that couild easily be put on one's back, or the side of the building, that amplifies and concentrates "probability waves"---causing long streaks of extremely good---or bad luck. It would change color---becoming really colorful for good luck, grayed out for black--but even so, Mindmistress never succeeded in making it capture JUST good or bad luck....making it extremely dangerous. Only an idea in MM's mind, it was brought to reality by Anansi and Dr. Church.

UNIVERSAL ASSEMBLER: The culmination of Eric Drexler's dream, it's a device that uses nanomachines to build almost anything out of raw materials. The suit and the staff and many other devices were made with it, that's why, once it was constructed, she doesn't need factories or armorers to make things for her. She can digitally feed in plans into it and it can make things, piece by piece, out of raw materials, from advanced chemical solutions to modules for the contruction of larger devices.

However, it just looks like an extra-large microwave over.

UTILITY FOG: A cloud of nanomachines that surrounds it subjects, and will respond to voice commands to form objects out of themselves or the particles in the air. (The idea is not original with Mindmistress: like the Universal Assembler, it was an idea proposed by those interested in nanomachines....but Mindmistress actually made it first.)