Al Schroeder

Use your head, and don't read these before you read the initial stories. You might read spoilers. However, if you haven't read the stories, you can click on the pictures to get to 'em...

BLOODLUST: Real name, Wolfgang March. A living advertisement for his sister's munitions business, and the world's foremost mercenary. Rather loves the actual process of bloodletting, revels in it---but personally cowardly when he himself is threatened. He was MM's first "name" adversary, and the first one to fight a return bout, albeit with Moodswing's help.
TIDAL WAVE: Real name: Dylan Steed. A former business partner of Ezekiel Lyons, he was practically Lorelei's "uncle". A visionary who wants mankind to spread along the seafloor, an operation with a special plastic filter enables he and his fellow colonists to breathe underwater. He also found, in his undersea researches, a tool from an ancient civilization which can create earthquakes and seaquakes and tidal waves. Not evil, but near-fanatical, he is not easily dissauded from his goals.
FORETHOUGHT---Dr. Elijah Burns. Worked on the same project with MM/Lorelei's mother that resulted in MM, and since he was not mentally challenged to begin with, when he tried it himself, became even smarter than MM. I.Q. is estimated at about 1500. With his intellect, can see patterns in history, in what will happen, that no one else can see. Working to stop a coming Dark Age, and not above using MM to get his goals done. Well-meaning, but secretive and manipulative.
ANANSI--Anansi Webb. Born in raised in apartheid South Africa, been making a life as a hacker, thief, and occasional murderess since adulthood. Her name came from her housekeeper, who thought Anasi, the trickster spider of African myth, was a pretty name---and Anansi's parents agreed. Managed to steal some of MM's most dangerous inventions, and learn all of MM's secrets.

Now is in the custody of an insane asylum, under the MM-induced delusion she's a spider.

THE HORROR (AND THE SISTERS OF THE TWILIGHT)---May Duran; once Dylan Steed's (Tidal Wave's) lover, a supermodel who fell in Mindmistress' "catwalk"---and ended up as a "pandimensional"...able to perceive simultanously, three or four different realities at once. Recruited by two other lonely "pandimensionals", they ended up a threat to Mindmistress personally and our entire reality. In the process of fighting them, the Horror lost her body---but her life-essense was imprisoned in a "soulcage" to further advise the other two Ladies.

HATRID---this one's kind of complicated---this is a personification of MM's id, made manifest in a fantasy world of her neohuman imagination, combined with her animus. Craftier than humans, yet much more emotion-driven than MM. A personification of every malicious and cruel thought MM ever had, given full rein without restraint. Made manifest in this world thanks in part to Vicki's well-intentioned meddling, he is now a digital being like Vicki, able to control machines, databases, etc. He is now surfing on hot magma, afraid to escape from the prison MM devised for him.

MOODSWING--a sort of "Moodmistress". Horribly disfigured in a sea accident, she was given a symbiotic and empathic "skin" by Forethought. (See above.) Too empathic...it made her sense the emotions of others, and respond to them, whether she wanted to or not. Given a belt by a mysterious donor that enables her to control the emotions of others, she can influence the emotional makeup of others, making them, for instance, hopelessly devoted to her. Bloodlust has been her lover, and she has partnered with him occasionally.

MIRACULOUS or just SMITH....tossed out of a window as a young man, he survived disfigurement and inability to walk unassisted, he discovered the remains of an ancient meteorstrike...laced with elements that were the remnents of a twin supernova, elements much higher and stranger in property than any others found in nature. Brilliant, antisocial, somewhat paranoid--he and Mindmistress have reached a rough understanding, but he's the only one who can use technology in ways she cannot anticipate.
FORCEFUL---Dan Bowman---an actor with spinal damage, his brother is a mentally-challenged friend of Lorelei's. Famous for playing the star in a superhero film, THE ULTIMATE. MM discovered a process that could improve a human's strength a hundredfold, speed tenfold, but the changes in the spine that would result in being able to lift tons above their head would also speed up the impulses going into the brain, driving someone mad almost immediately...unless they had spinal damage, which would slow the process. Excess heat is released via glowing gases from hs eyes. A self-described super-strong sidekick, (able to leap three hundred feet straight up or lift tons over his head), created by MM to help her occasionally. Every time he undergoes the change, he heals a little more.
MAN-MOUNTAIN: Kun Wei Tai---trapped as the controlling intelligence of a Chinese Norad-like base in the Tibetian mountains, able to rule and reshape the mountain as if it were his own body, able to sense through telescopes, both optical and radio, missiles as easy to flex as throwing a punch would be to you and me. An old friend of Forethought's.
VENGEANCE INC.: Wrath, Frenzy, and Deadly. Three homicidal hitwomen skilled in ninjitsui, that happened to be infected with NNA--an extremely communicable "seed molecule" that could depopulate half a continent. NNA was the combination of amino acids that organized and prepared the way for RNA and DNA. Uniquely among her enemies, two of the three members have taken "the Cure" MM's made for antisocial behavior and are now allies of MM. The third is dead.
THE VISIONARY---Ashley Drake: a famous pianist in jazz and pop styles, as a youth his mother ran the home for the mentally handicapped that Lorelei stayed at for a time. As such, he was considered by many of them, including and especially Lorelei, as the "smart brother" or "big brother". Stumbling onto one of Mindmistress' experiments, his eyes were affected, and he could easily see at least a day into the future or the past, and with help, much further than that. Donning a grey hooded jogging suit and a blindfold, he was known became her occasional ally, the Visionary.
THE LUCKY MAN: Edward DePaul---winner of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, then the Powerball, he turned his funds to building a casino in Las Vegas. Actually, he was wearing a Synchronistar, a device Mindmistress once conceived to increase the likelihood of coincidences---either bad or good---and was having a streak of good luck. (As a former lover of Anansi's, he found out about the Synchronistar from her ravings.) More of an opponent for the Visionary than MM, still, Lorelei was endangered by him.
DR. MAYHEMSTAR: A janitor in a far-future timeline/reality (which might be the same reality as Schlock Mercenary) who tried out for Evil Inc. and was interdimensionally outsourced to the Evil Overlords United, he took some mining robots from his time and made them into the Unstoppable Ones. Working directly with Dr. Catastrope of the Evil Overlords, he developed the Unstoppable Ones to attack Mindmistress.
UNSTOPPABLE ONES: Created by Dr. Mayhemstar, these are converted mining robots made of neutronium, held together by an inner gravity field that concentrates roughly a half trillion tons in one robot, and footpads that create an outer anti-gravity field that enables them to maneuver. They can also project a force beams. Currently the minds of some violent but mentally challenged prisoners have been downloaded into the eleven remaining Unstoppable Ones.
THE EVIL OVERLORDS UNITED: A trans-dimensional alliance out to take over many dimensions, led by the Editor, their schemings can be viewed here
DR. CATASTROPHE: The scientific genius among the Overlords (see above.) Also the father of Celine, another Overlord. His origin can be viewed here
LIGHTBRINGER: The sole superhero of another dimension, his adventures can be viewed here
MR. THREAT: A supervillain who was also a middle manager of EVIL INC., and who was outsourced to the Evil Overlords, information on him can ve viewed here
SCALE: The glue that holds the opposition to the Evil Overlords together, she travels from reality to reality, and Mindmistress is convinced she's a little insane, because she thinks she's a character from a webcomic. And before you judge EITHER of them---wonder what webcomic YOU might be in. Her exploits can be viewed here
LIGHTNING LADY: The receptionist of EVIL INC., outsourced to the Overlords, she is one of the prime focus of that strip. Her history and current position and boyfriend can be viewed here.
CELINE QUICKENICE: The psychic member of the Evil Overlords United, she can move things telekinetically. Daughter of Dr. Catastrophe. Some information on her early years is given here.
THE EDITOR: Leader of the Evil Overlords, and one of the most fearsome foes MM has ever faced. A naga, master of mystical forces, including a few favorites like fire spells.
WELLWISHERS: The members of the Mimir Institute, a military thinktank, found a way to store skills, abilities,and muscle memories---in the brains of herds of dairy cattle--to upload from individual members and to download to others. The process was called "skillsharing", the database "Mimir's Well", and the users were called, ironically, "Wellwishers". They could download at least ten full-time professions, ten highly-skilled hobbies or sidelines, ten additional languages, etc. Unfortunately, Bloodlust also contributed (without getting download rights) and his atititudes towards his military and homicidal abilities affected their judgement. They tried to download Mindmistress' cosmological knowledge and another secret of Mindsmitress---going in insane in most cases, suicidally depressed in others. Only five (or six, if you count Cassie), survived to run the Institute, under less paranoid lines, and working to find a way to "filter" out dangerous downloads.